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A Sporting Chance

Are you one of the one in three parents who worry about the risk of serious injury from school sports? Research from MetLife has found that one third of parents with school age children are concerned about serious injuries from sport – and there could be real reasons...

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Financial Scams Target The Over 45’s

The rise in technology has caused more than 1 million over-45 year old's to fall victim to online scams and left one in five feeling vulnerable. Research by Aviva has shown that 70% of people aged 45-64 interviewed as part of this research are willing to embrace new...

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#TopTipTuesday – Do you run your own business?

Do you run your own business? If you do, you probably have one or more key employees that are integral to its success. They may even possess the skills, knowledge, experience or leadership that makes a vital difference to your bottom line. But have you considered what...

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Business Survival Planning

If something happened to you, your co-owners or employees, could your business survive? A study by Legal and General shows 40% of businesses would fold in less than a year following the death or critical illness of a key person. The loss of a key person within a small...

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Eureka Are Recruiting!

Eureka are looking for a Mortgage and Protection Adviser  At Eureka, we are looking for a fully qualified Mortgage and Protection Adviser who has experience of working within the financial services industry. The successful candidate will work within our professional...

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#TopTipTuesday: Maximise Your ISA Allowance

If you haven’t used up your Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance for 2016/17, you have until 5 April to do so.  Saving into an ISA is a great way of making your savings work harder. Whether you’re looking to supplement your retirement income, build up funds for...

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Buying for the first time?

Buying for the first time? For first-time buyers, getting onto the property ladder may seem a daunting process, but there’s more help available than you might think. With supply and demand at an imbalance, the average UK house price has been pushed beyond the reach of...

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The Spring Budget 2017

  The Spring Bulletin 2017  For a full round up of the Spring Budget please click on the link below: Spring Bulletin 2017

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Achieving Your Financial Goals

Achieving your financial goals  We lead complex lives in an increasingly complex world. As your financial adviser we can help you better understand your financial challenges, goals and needs, and help you find appropriate ways to meet them.  Even a seemingly...

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What’s Your Repayment Plan?

What’s your repayment plan? Thousands of people with interest-only mortgages expiring this year do not have a repayment plan, putting their homes at serious risk of repossession. 40,000 interest-only mortgages are set to mature in 2016, but experts suggest that only...

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Hi, we’re Eureka Financial Solutions!

Eureka's new responsive website is now live! At Eureka Financial Solutions we can give you the expert guidance you need, right from the start of your journey. We also understand that the right financial advice has to be backed up by financial products that offer the...

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